Try to imagine moving your family and all you have by ship from Switzerland to America, joining friends and countrymen in Huntington County, Pennsylvania. The community there was an embarkation point for many individual adventurers and families to go further west to explore and settle the new American territory. The Ebey's journey took them to Dublin in the Ohio Territory, later to Illinois, to Missouri, and over the Oregon Trail to the Oregon Territory including what is now the state of Washington. On Whidbey Island in Washington, you can visit Ebey's Landing, named for this intrepid family!

This story is contributed by Tim Sells, Clintonville, OH. Tim is the author of When Dublin Wasn't Doublin', 2012, self-published. The book is a story of his life as a boy in Dublin, the history of his pioneer family, and the colorful characters in the village who helped make Dublin a joyful place to grow up.

Please click to download the pdf file: The Ebeys of Dublin