We found this in a cookbook and, though it is dated 1943, it probably is one of those writings that could be traced to a much earlier time. It is full of wisdom in only a few words. You will enjoy sharing it with family and friends.

Recipe for Life

To a sound body add
Two eyesful of vision
One headful of ideas.
Blend a pound of purpose,
A Peck of perseverance,
A dash of courage,
A cup of suffering
A full measure of understanding
A heap of living,
Patience plenty,
And humor, at least a grain,
Spice with variety,
Sweeten with sympathy,
Salt well with sense,
Stir with activity,
Heat with intense passion,
Cool with calm confidence
Use until gone.

“Copied from a 1943 Dublin P.T.A. cookbook which belonged to May Smith who was the Grandmother of Nancy Shriver Toberen. (Reprinted in the Dublin Historical Society’s cookbook, “Cooking Through The Years”, 1992)

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